It is time for design community to come with longterm strategies and short term tactics to survive itself and help society and industry get over the effects of the pandemic.
The designindia show 2020 focuses on tangible action points that must be taken now while keeping an eye on the future as creative thinkers.


President (NEC) Association of Designers of India

Partner, Satwalekar Design Studio

Automotive journalist, Editor

Auto industry consultant and Co-founder of Expereal

Founder & Principal Designer, Studio ABD

SVP UxDesign, MakeMyTrip | Founder, Curator, DesignUp

Director & Member of Governing Board & Board of Management, Ajeenkya DY Patil University

Founder Partner, Studio Korjan | Visiting Professor,  Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Interaction designer, Google London

Director, CRCI

Designer, Classical Dancer & Educationist

Founder, Lopez Design

Founder,  ‘Reform-ist’ | President, Industrial Designers Society of Turkey

Co-founder, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Fractal Ink

Founder and Principal Designer, rgd

Founder, Differniture Spaces

Activity Chairperson, Education at National Institute of Design

Creative Consultant, Former Chief Creative Officer South East Asia at Ogilvy

SVP-Design at ValueLabs, Founder-Sniffing out the differences

President & CEO, Lumium; President of World Design Organisation

Editor-in-chief, DesignIndia magazine; Founder, IndiDesign

Creative Director, Wheels & Waves; Graphic Designer & Educator


(The DesignIndia Show was held on 30th Oct 2020. )

Sudhir Sharma

Welcome Note


Sertac Ersayin
Tarun Deep Girdher
Kadambari Sahu
Rikke Hansen

Panel Topic: Gearing Up

We know what is in front of us, we have been talking and discussing for months now. How do we gear up, how do we prepare ourselves. What are the new attitudes, tools, assets that we need to acquire or borrow as Designers. How does that change design education, training and practice. How do we equip ourselves.

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Dinesh Korjan_TDS20
Kadambari Sahu_TDS20

IBDA Winners Announcement

Announcing the winners of India’s Best Design Awards – Projects

Miti Desai
Anthony Lopez
Aakriti Kumar
Rabia Gupta

Panel Topic: Climb up

Design as an activity lost ground, we lost the mindspace and we lost our position as leading the society and industry. Design has taken a backseat during this time. How do we regain our position? how do we start climbing back? what do we as pioneers of Design practice in India in adapt to the change in our day today activities and approach to work and business of Design. What have you done that gives you confidence that this will work, what would you want to try.

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Antony Lopez_TDS20
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IBDA Winners Announcement

Announcing the winners of India’s Best Design Awards – Projects

Dinesh Korjan
Gurmeet Rai
Manasi Agarwal
Tanay Kumar
Sonal Dabral

Panel Topic: The Opportunity

They say never waste a crisis. What new opportunities has the pandemic brought to the front for Designers and creative thinkers? Do you see new domains and new demands on Design thinkers? Do you a new positioning for Design and for yourself arising from this Pandemic? what is the opportunity and how do we cash that? are we ready? or how do we get ready?

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Gurmeet Rai_TDS20
Manasi Agarwal_TDS20
Tanay Kumar_TDS20
Sonal Dabral_TDS20

IBDA Winners Announcement

Announcing the winners of India’s Best Design Awards – Projects

Abhijit Bansod
Jay Datta
Hrridaysh Deshpande
Srini Srinivasan

Panel Topic: The Future

How will we look at today after 5 years, How would have this Pandemic realigned role of Design in Society and Industry. How would you redefine the vision for creative industries now. What is our new objective and how do we move towards it.

Abhijit Bansod_TDS20
Jay Datta _TDS20
Hrridyesh Deshpande_TDS20
Srini Srinivasan_TDS20

IBDA Winners Announcement

Announcing the winners of India’s Best Design Studios and In-house Design Studio

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Adil Jal Darukhanawala
Avik Chattopadhyay

Key Conversation 1

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Suranjana Satwalekar
Hemant Suthar

Key Conversation 2

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